Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Weed Control on Disley Dam

Disley Dam Weed Control

I am sure most of you have seen or heard of the problem with the weed, especially in Disley Dam.

Some of you might even be aware that the Committee had talks with Disley Parish Council who funded 2x cuttings on the dam to remove most of the weed.

In addition to this the club purchased its own weed cutter which is clamped to the back of a boat giving us the ability to manage our own cutting/ weed growth.

Unfortunately someone decided to steal our little boat which was chained up in the woods. This meant we could not do a maintenance cutting until a replacement could be found and so the weed started to show once more.

This is an on-going problem that requires many man hours to maintain as we can no longer use chemicals.

We currently have a boat on loan from one of our Committee Members and he has adapted it to allow us to not only cut the weed, but, with a custom made rake, collect the weed to the sides for moving away at a later date.

To date John Ling and Chris Simpson have spent over 10 hours work cutting and raking as much weed as light would allow. There is still weed there and there always will be but you can now fish the water and enjoy Disley Dam.

With the help from its members, especially those who attend a work party, we are starting to see some very positive results.

This work will continue throughout 2013 and you may notice the water closed for cutting and bank side repairs.

Please be patient during these times .....

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