Thursday, 25 April 2013

Carp Death Rigs

Weed cutting took place yesterday on Disley Dam and, as the boat had been used, it was decided to take some time removing the rigs that have been decorating the water side trees and bushes.

From the 5 rigs removed 2 rigs (40% of those found) require mentioning.

Rig 1.

Rig 1 had a barbed hook, which is against curent club rules, and a lead/feeder that was jammed onto the safety clip so tightly that with it could never have been pulled off. A carp stuck in weed or snapping the main-line would be unable to eject the barbed hook and would be tethered to the lead indefinitely.


Rig 2.

Rig 2 actually takes some believing. The bolt rig is created using several sea fishing parts including numerous strong swivels and clips. There is no safety clip and no way of releasing the lead should the knot/mainline fail. BUT it gets worse - the hook itself is a very large sized salmon worming hook not only barbed but with barbs on the shank. Any carp caught on this hook will be irreparably damaged. A carp stuck in weed or snapping this line would be unable to eject the barbed hook and would be tethered to the lead indefinitely.



There was also a surface controller float found in a tree. Floating baits are currently banned on Disley Dam.
As a result of finding these rigs club bailiffs may ask you to reel in and check you end tackle, please comply with their wishes, they are only trying to protect the fish and the environment you are fishing in.

The rules for fishing DNMAC are clearly written in the club book. Anyone found breaking the club rules will face disciplinary procedures.
As a club DNMAC is spending a considerable amount of time and effort educating juniors in safe and productive fishing techniques, however, advice and assistance is available to all our club members. Ask a bailiff, ask at a club meeting, ask on the web forum or ask at one of the local tackle shops for help.

The following video is one of many on the internet that demonstrate safety rig clips.

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