Friday, 31 May 2013

Junior Coaching Days

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of May saw DNMAC continue its work with the local juniors this time with assistance from the local police.

The angling coaching was the same format as last year’s events where juniors attending the sessions had to show a positive attitude over the course of the two evenings.

All the juniors fishing the course earned themselves a full DNMAC membership, a cracking tackle set-up provided by Simpsons Tackle of Whaley Bridge and loads of helpful fishing tips, advice and secrets from some more experienced anglers.

Thanks very much to all the volunteers who helped, without which events like this would be impossible, and well done to all the kids for sticking it out in the challenging weather conditions.

Fly Fishing - Peter Arfield

Bakewell's Peter Arfield will be the guest at a fly tying demonstration and general chat at the White Hart, New Mills on Thursday, July 4th at 8pm

Admission is open to anyone at a cost of £5 on the night

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DNMAC Questionnaire

There is a short questionnaire giving DNMAC anglers a chance to give their opinions on our waters and policies.

The questionnaire can be found in Simpsons Tackle and at Hazel Grove Angling Centre. A copy is also available in the forum if anyone wants to view/print a copy. I do not plan on creating a full e-version.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Junior Coaching Day Sunday 26th May - Cancelled

Unfortunately we've had to postpone tomorroes Jnr coach in. Keep looking at the blog for re-arranged dates and more jnr info

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursday May 23rd evening match results Watford Lodge‏

Today's weather comprised of sunshine, changing wind, ominous clouds, heavy rain and even snow combined to make this week’s match one of the hardest yet. Eleven anglers fished with everybody catching, although not one angler got a bite on pellet and yet again no bream were caught. However, weights were slightly up on previous weeks.

 1st Pete Lally 4lb 15oz (maggot/worm)

2nd Darren Bladen 4lb 7oz (worm)

3rd Graham Howe 2lb 10oz (maggot)

4th Paul Bacon Snr 2lb 6oz (maggot)

 Well done Pete

Next week’s match on Thursday 30th May on Birch vale has now been cancelled due to a lot of our regular anglers been unable to attend.

The next planned again on Watford on Thursday 6th June, we’ve arranged some better weather so be sure to book on!

Bowden dredging work

As can be seen by these pictures the Club has hired a dredger to desilt some shallower areas of the lake.

This is all part of the planned improvement work to make this into a great Club water.

The paths may look a little muddy! But I’m assured that this is only where the banks were too steep to take the sediment away from the water’s edge and there are now plenty of fishable areas, especially around the old boathouse which used to be a cracking tench peg when I was young! A good weeks sunshine will sort out the rest of the mud.


Avian Predation

Although we are making inroads into improving the fishing at DNMAC the threat of avian, and other, predation still continues at the Club. You may have noticed ropes to stop cormorants landing at some venues, but we are still at the mercy of these and other birds, such as goosanders, mergansers and herons. Add the threat of poaching, especially on the rivers, mink and hopefully not in our area, although they have now been spotted on the Dane, otters and you would think that there would be no fish left at all! We, as a Club, are doing everything we legally can about this national problem. Hopefully the laws will change soon but we, as members, need to be extra vigilant and report any problems.

At least the “man-made” problem of an “out of balance” pike problem has been removed from Dovecotes during the draining and subsequent netting.

Chris Simpson had few hours on Watford last night and spotted the local heron battering a fantail against a rock in an attempt to stun it. A bream of 1.5lb was found dead in the water with a hole straight through it.

Please be aware of any predators and also of any illegal fishing, if a cormorant lands on the water do you best to scare it off. As the warmer weather arrives there will be more anglers on the banks which will hopefully help, however, the local herons at Watford and Disley are on the lakes 24/7 365 days a year, which equates to a lot of fish albeit mainly fry. It is said an adult cormorant requires 1lb of fish a day.

On a positive note Chris did manage this rather nice tench of 3.5lb (allegedly).

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Watford Lodge Junior Match & Coaching

18 Juniors fished Watford Lodge today, 11 taking part in a small match and 7 coaching.
Unfortunately Watford is still out of sorts and changeable weather, spawning fish and the pressure of increased angler numbers, made the fishing very hard. Hopefully things will pick up as the weather improves, as reported in earlier posts Watford still holds a very impressive head of fish including large shoals of bream , tench, crucians ,chub and silvers.

Top rod on the day was Ben Fowler who banked around 20 small fish for exactly 1lb. Well done Ben
1st Ben Fowler - 1lb 0oz
2nd Scott Kenny  -12oz
3rd Taylor Thorpe - 7oz
Biggest fish of the day was  7oz perch landed by Scott Kenny
Next junior match is Sunday 21th may
Ben Fowler

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Flowers & plants required

Anyone doing any early summer gardening and thinning any plants or flowers we can use to improve Strines with please contact us. Anything and everything considered well probably even be able to collect.

Contact Chris Simpson Tel:  01663 734220

New Forum

I’ve had enough emails to convince me that we do need a forum on the website.

I have now created a new forum, BUT users will have to sign up again for the forum. It’s quite easy, however, I will require an email proving you are a DNMAC member – details will be sent to you when you sign up.

Please bear in mind that any automatically created emails may end up in your junk folder so have a look in there if the emails don’t appear in your inbox (to stop this happening in future you can label the domain as safe.)

PS If you are at the meeting tonight you can give me your details then and I will create an account for you

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DNMAC website update

The DNMAC website is now fully operational again, albeit at a different BUT faster and significantly cheaper web host. Unfortunately we have no longer access to the old forum and will be considering whether to create a new forum depending on feedback at the next committee meeting.

If you have any views on a DNMAC forum but are unable to attend the meeting please email

May 14th Watford Lodge - match results‏

With this week’s Thursday match clashing with the monthly club meeting this match was held on Tuesday evening so no one would miss out on the match
It was a full house at Watford with 15 anglers turning up to endure the very wet and miserable weather. All hope was that the bream shoals would of gotten all other matters out of their heads and start feeding, but unfortunately, they hadn't and fishing was hard. However with Watford being a consistant venue it was still a tight match right to the end.
1st - Darren Bladen 5lb 9oz
2nd - Tony Robinson 4lb 12oz
3rd - DickWward 3lb 4oz
4th - Paul Bacon junior 1lb 6oz
5th - Chris Simpson 1lb 5oz
Next match is Thursday 23rd May Watford lodge

Junior report from the Trent and Mersey Canal - Rudheath‏

Sunday 12th May saw 7 DNMAC Juniors fishing the challenging Trent and Mersey canal at Rudheath near Middlewich Cheshire.

The venue, like a lot of northern cacanls, can be very hit and miss with some pegs holding quality fish and others just occasional gudgeon and perch.

As the Trent and Mersey does have significant boat traffic the team plan was to fish over hemp (a heavy bait: not easily washed away by the boats) at the bottom of the far shelf and to run a float with pinkies or punch over the top and catch what we could.

Fishing on the day was, as expected, peggy and with none of our lads drawing on the preferred reed bed pegs, it was to be a bit race.

All our juniors fished hard, even when the weather took a turn for the worst. Angler of the day was our youngest member Zac Bates who produced a 1lb 9oz weight comprising of around 50 small gudgeon to come second in his section.

Well done Zac hope you enjoy fisho!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Disley Dam Evening Match

Not the best weather to be sat on the bank but 8 anglers braved the wind and rain to fish our first evening match on Disley Dam in a number of years.

Most anglers chose to sit out for bigger fish and those that did catch had some stunning carp.

1st Chris Simpson 15lb 10oz (2 carp)
2nd Steve Rowe 10lb 14oz (1 carp and a bream)
3rd Darren Bladden 10lb 9oz (1 carp and a crucian)

Next match is Tuesday May 14th on Watford lodge (only a couple of pegs left)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Website issues

Hmmmm – we seem to be having some domain mapping issues with the website at the moment. This may mean that the website is unavailable or that the old website (pre 2012) might appear. Unfortunately this situation is beyond our control. I have identified the problem and requested that the issue is sorted ASAP by the old webhosting company, BUT, there may be a few days downtime while changes are made.

Normal service will resume soon, however I’m not 100% sure that the current forum will survive!


Get into Fishing Day

This Sunday saw the annual "Get into Fishing Day" at Watford Lodge.

14 young anglers came along to fish - many trying the sport for the first time. Although the fishing was rock hard, the bright sunshine and spawning fish slowing sport, everybody managed to catch and all went away with big smiles.

I'd like to thank all the helpers on the day for their time and efforts encouraging the youngsters - our anglers of the future.

Once again it seems to be the same faces on the bank and extra new assistants would be helpful. The club can only continue to grow and do its good work with the support of its members. You don't have to be a pro angler you just have to have a disgorger, a bit of patience and a positive attitude.

There are loads of junior fishing days throughout the summer.

If you can help please contact. Chris Simpson 01663 734220 or 07817679498


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Junior Match & Coaching Watford Lodge – Sunday 19th May – Volunteers required

Due to the popularity of this event a few extra last minute volunteers are required, to help the juniors for a few hours. All you need is a positive attitude and a disgorger!

If you can help give Chris Simpson a ring via the numbers below.

By telephone - 01663 734220
By mobile - 0781 767 9498

Strines Work Party

The development work of the Dovecotes Lodge at Strines continued last night with the latest Club Work Party.
An impressive turn out of over 25 anglers gave their time to help improve what could become one of the Club’s best pleasure venues. It was noted that out of those present were a number of anglers who were old enough not to have to attend Work Parties and those who had already attended their mandatory WP’s for the year. I’d particularly like to thank Graham an Ug(?) for their much appreciated refreshment services. Anyone wanting to attend future work parties get in touch – it’s not so much about saving a few quid it’s about giving something back to what must be one of the cheapest and best value for money, fishing clubs around. We cannot do the work we do without you help.
Today saw the removal of the old planting cages and a number of large snags from around the lake. Then, as the water had been pumped out to a sufficiently low level, the lake was netted to remove the remaining resident fish.

Fish included a 20+ shoal of 3 – 5lb bream, a number of tench, 5 beautiful and fin perfect common carp and a solitary large perch, as well as a number of smaller perch and roach. The nuisance pike, which were of no particular size, were also removed at this time.
There will be a further WP in the next couple of week which will be for general bank tidying work and the addition of small islands on the Backwater. We promise this will not involve wading through 3 foot deep mud and silt! Watch the news blog for more information.



Thursday, 2 May 2013

Results from Thursday, May 2nd Evening Match on Watford‏ Lodge

14 anglers where greeted by glorious sunshine and cruising bream in the second evening match at Watford Lodge. The bream in the 3lb-6lb bracket cruised the lakes surface throughout the match enjoying the break in weather. Approximately 60 bream could be seen at any time with one large shoal of around 30 fish hanging around the first few pegs. Unfortunately when the match kicked off the bream and resident roach were content to sunbathe and not get their heads down and feed - making for a frustratingly hard match.
Joint 1st was Keith Riley and Darren Bladden with 2lb 4oz
3rd Peter Lally 1lb 12oz
4th Chris Simpson 12oz
Next DNMAC Thursday Evening Match is at Disley Dam on May 9th.