Thursday, 23 May 2013

Avian Predation

Although we are making inroads into improving the fishing at DNMAC the threat of avian, and other, predation still continues at the Club. You may have noticed ropes to stop cormorants landing at some venues, but we are still at the mercy of these and other birds, such as goosanders, mergansers and herons. Add the threat of poaching, especially on the rivers, mink and hopefully not in our area, although they have now been spotted on the Dane, otters and you would think that there would be no fish left at all! We, as a Club, are doing everything we legally can about this national problem. Hopefully the laws will change soon but we, as members, need to be extra vigilant and report any problems.

At least the “man-made” problem of an “out of balance” pike problem has been removed from Dovecotes during the draining and subsequent netting.

Chris Simpson had few hours on Watford last night and spotted the local heron battering a fantail against a rock in an attempt to stun it. A bream of 1.5lb was found dead in the water with a hole straight through it.

Please be aware of any predators and also of any illegal fishing, if a cormorant lands on the water do you best to scare it off. As the warmer weather arrives there will be more anglers on the banks which will hopefully help, however, the local herons at Watford and Disley are on the lakes 24/7 365 days a year, which equates to a lot of fish albeit mainly fry. It is said an adult cormorant requires 1lb of fish a day.

On a positive note Chris did manage this rather nice tench of 3.5lb (allegedly).

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