Saturday, 4 May 2013

Strines Work Party

The development work of the Dovecotes Lodge at Strines continued last night with the latest Club Work Party.
An impressive turn out of over 25 anglers gave their time to help improve what could become one of the Club’s best pleasure venues. It was noted that out of those present were a number of anglers who were old enough not to have to attend Work Parties and those who had already attended their mandatory WP’s for the year. I’d particularly like to thank Graham an Ug(?) for their much appreciated refreshment services. Anyone wanting to attend future work parties get in touch – it’s not so much about saving a few quid it’s about giving something back to what must be one of the cheapest and best value for money, fishing clubs around. We cannot do the work we do without you help.
Today saw the removal of the old planting cages and a number of large snags from around the lake. Then, as the water had been pumped out to a sufficiently low level, the lake was netted to remove the remaining resident fish.

Fish included a 20+ shoal of 3 – 5lb bream, a number of tench, 5 beautiful and fin perfect common carp and a solitary large perch, as well as a number of smaller perch and roach. The nuisance pike, which were of no particular size, were also removed at this time.
There will be a further WP in the next couple of week which will be for general bank tidying work and the addition of small islands on the Backwater. We promise this will not involve wading through 3 foot deep mud and silt! Watch the news blog for more information.



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