Friday, 28 June 2013

Evening Match - Watford Lodge 27th June

A wet and miserable evenings fishing was in store for all anglers but at least there was plenty of bites on offer from the small silvers but, frustratingly, the bigger specimens the Lodge is known to contain were still reluctant to feed.

Graham Howe topped tonight’s weights fishing the 4 meter whip for a net of small roach, perch and a few crucians from peg 2.
 1st Graham Howe 3lb 14oz pinkie on the whip
 2nd Pete Lally 3lb 10oz maggot at 6 meter
 3rd Steve Rowe 3lb 9oz maggot (including a 3lb tench)
4th Chris Simpson 2lb 5oz maggot 14.5 meters

 Next match Watford Lodge 4th July

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Disley Dam Weed Update

John Ling with the help of a few willing volunteers has spent a considerable amount of time clearing the weed from Disley Dam, unfortunately this has led to a few small, inevitable, short term closures but we would all agree that this is for the general benefit of the Club.
The weed cutting process is generally done in two sessions - cutting and clearing. Sometimes due to time and or weather constraints John has had to leave weed floating on the surface giving the appearance that the weed problem is worse than ever, however, this is only because the weed needs raking out. A good wind usually blows the weed to the edges where it can be avoided and all the insects, fry etc can escape before the weed is removed.
John will at Disley on Monday (01-07-13) to rake the floating weed and continue cutting. If anyone wants to come down and help please email and he will let you know the relevant times and tools required etc. There is also a thread in the forum if anyone wants to discuss or comment on this topic.
As usual a work party stamp will be issued for those who help.
As always the committee (and particularly John and Chris Simpson) and those who regularly attend WPs cannot do all the work required to improve DNMAC. Any help with the weed cutting and other work parties is gratefully appreciated.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Strines / Dovecotes Security

Please note that we will soon be fitting a security lock to the Strines main access gate. The code to this lock will be in the Club book and the same that is in use on some of our other venues.

Some items, not belonging to DNMAC, have recently gone missing from the area, so we are asking anglers to be extra vigilant and report any thefts or strange behaviour etc to the relevant authorities.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Match Result - Peak Forest Canal

This week the match was held on the Peak Forest Canal at New Mills Marina.
The canal fished to a reasonable standard but no way near its best on what can be an exceptional venue. Most excuses were due to the theory of high levels of boat traffic and subsequent tow making bait presentation hard. Darren Blaydon was top rod catching a good mixed net of small fish with a bonus quality skimmer.

Chris Simpson was 2nd with a net made up of good skimmers caught fishing worm over caster up the far shelf.

1st Darren Blaydon 3lb 1oz punch
2nd Chris Simpson 2lb 12oz worm and caster
3rd Pete Lally 1lb 13oz maggot

Next match is back on Watford on 27th June

Friday, 14 June 2013

Change of Match Venue June 18th evening match

Due to the weed explosion at Disley Dam next week's evening match on Tuesady 18th June will now be at New Mills Marina.

This is a cracking section of the Peak Forest Canal with loads of punch and squat fish to be caught, with a good number of skimmers and some bigger bream also resident.
To book on call Chris 01663 734220

Watford Lodge Match Result 13 June

Fishing was hard again on Watford Lodge but everybody managed to catch, on a positive note Paul Bacon jnr managed to frame again and after a run of close results, 13 year old Ben Fowler came joint second. Well done to both juniors - watch out seniors!
1st Chris 2lb 8oz Simpson caster short

2nd 2lb 5oz Ben Fowler maggot pole & Darren Baydon pinkie pole
4th 2lb 2oz Paul Bacon jnr maggot down the edge
Next match is on Tuesday 18th at New Mills Marina (not Disley Dam) please book on with Chris Simpson 01663 734220

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Disley Dam Closure Weed Cutting Friday 14th June

Please note that Disley Dam will be temporarily closed for weed cutting between 4:30pm and 8:30pm.

Apologies for the lack of warning but we have to cut the weed at short notice, as and when the weed requires cutting, and when volunteers are available. However, I am sure that the long term improvements outweigh the short term inconveniences.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Birch Vale Work Party 15/06/2013

There is a work party on Birch Vale this Saturday

We will be cutting the trees growing out of the dam wall as well as trimming the trees on the island

Resources permitting we will also be installing bivvy pegs.

There will be some tools on site but if you have some tools that you feel could help please bring these with you.

For further information or if you have some materials laying around that the club could use please contact

Monday, 10 June 2013

Watford Lodge Update

Looking at the information coming through on a few of the questionnaires (fill one in and have your say!)  there are some concerns about the current quality of fishing at Watford Lodge.

Those that regularly fish the lodge will be aware that it has been out of sorts for the last couple of months with only a few anglers returning good catches on infrequent occasions. Now the sun has finally appeared large numbers of quality fish can be seen cruising high up in the water, but, are very had to catch.

As well as these existing fish the club has continued its stocking policy by adding more fish to the older stocks. These included:

100 x chub
100 x crucian carp
200 x skimmers
20 x quality bream
500 x tench
In trying to find solutions to the Watford  problem we have run a few tests on the water quality. The results have now been returned showing that the water is in excellent condition, probably the best it's ever been. The only drawback is in the short term we seem to have become a victim of our own success. All the extra plant life, cleaning up of the margins and continued hard work has now meant we have a water of such good quality that it is rammed full of natural food.
Over the last couple of months there has been endless hatchings and a massive daphnia bloom.
All this means is that with the rich, natural pickings coupled with cool water conditions from the unseasonably cold weather (being cold blooded fish require less food in colder water,  when they naturally slow down) there has been little need to eat anglers baits and unfortunately, risk the chance of been caught.  The cold spring has also set spawning cycles back and now as we enter the “traditional open season” fish are only just starting to spawn.
The long term development plan for Watford will continue and in the near future more fish will be added, within the holding capabilities of the venue, increasing competition for food.
A good oxygenating blast of rain coupled with the continuing warmer weather of recent days will hopefully bring things back to normal.

The fish are in there, the water is in great condition it should only be a matter of time.
Keep us informed of your catches, via the forum, very soon someones going to have a massive bag of bream and tench when the fish come onto the feed and everytime there's a match there always seems to be a specimen perch caught!
Tight lines

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Match Result June 6th Watford Lodge

The much improved  weather for the week preceding this match meant, with warmer water, there would be high expectations for the bream to feed and a good days fishing would finally on the card.
Fishing was significantly better than past weeks but still patchy, with all the pegs on the far side, with the exception of Mat Robinson’s, dominating the results.

Paul Bacon Snr just nicked the win and bragging rights, from his son Paul Bacon Jnr, both caught well in the last hourr fishing short using maggot over groundbait.
1st Paul Bacon Snr 7lb 9oz maggot short
2nd Paul Bacon jnr 7lb 2oz maggot short
3rd Mat Robinson 3lb 15oz maggot shallow
4th Keith Riley 2lb 8oz maggot over pellet
Unfortunately not everybody had a good day Pete Lally, the clubs longest standing member and victor of the previous weeks match, didn't have a bite all evening, meaning this was his first blank at the venue in 65yrs. Not a bad record!
Next match is Watford on 13th June

Paul Bacon Jnr