Monday, 16 December 2013

Strines Work Party Thanks - 15/12/2013

The Strines Work Party had a reasonable turnout of 10 members including a few new faces and a junior.

The main focus of the work was to rebuild the lake wall on the roadside of Dovecotes Lodge before we divert the water back into the lake. Unfortunately this wasn’t as easy a job as it sounds as most of the stone had fallen into the lake and over the years, become embedded in the build-up of silt.


The work completed today was truly astonishing given that, this close to Christmas and in mid-December, most people would probably have somewhere better to be.

A big thanks to all those who turned up and also to everybody who brought hot drinks, sandwiches and along especially the mini apple pies that were very well appreciated.

There is still plenty of work required and an estimated two further work parties will be required in January. These dates will be organised soon and posted on the blog, but will not be in the new Club book which is at the printers at the time of writing.

Thanks again and have a good Christmas.


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