Monday, 24 February 2014

Disley Work Party 01/03/14

There is a work party on Disley Dam this Saturday (01/03/14 @ 09.00) to install barley straw into the margins.

This is essential work and must be completed if we are to reduce the algae bloom.

Plastic milk bottles or the 2 litre pop bottles are required as well as wellies and waders if you have these.

Let us know (details in the book) if you can make this WP.
John Ling

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Strines / Dovecotes Work Party 23rd Feb

We are urgently in need of bodies for the final push at Dovecotes before we start diverting the water back in. We are slightly behind plan due to the adverse weather conditions.

 The last of the tyre islands need filling along with a few other labour intensive jobs.

 If you can spare a morning book on with Chris Simpson.

WP starts at 9:00am

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Disley, Bowden stocking updates

Yesterday saw further, planned, improvements to our fish stocks at Disley Dam and Watford Lodge.

300 immaculate looking barbel were stocked into the Lodge. These fish are in pristine condition and will grow, albeit not as fast as carp, and hopefully add another dimension to the fishing on this popular venue. Before anyone asks the spots on the barbel will disappear as they get older, we haven’t bought a load of gudgeon!
Disley Dam stocks were boosted with a mix of 6000 roach, skimmers, rudd, hybrids and a couple of perch from 3-6 inches. Estimated at 50% roach, 30% skimmers, 20% rudd.

500lb of carp, approximately 700 fish in the 10oz to 1lb 12oz class were also stocked into the dam. Hopefully these will grow on quickly and along with our weed cutting and chemical solutions, stir up the bottom slowing or preventing significant weed growth. These fish were mainly partially scaled mirrors, leathers or fully scaled mirrors but there was the odd common.

Our biggest challenge now is to prevent cormorants and other avain predators at all our venues but particularly at Strines, Watford, Bowden and Disley Dam. Anglers on the banks would be good and if anyone passing, or living nearby, could just check the waters and frighten off any birds it would be helpful.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Disley Dam Weed control -chemical treatment

We have started a chemical treatment procedure to combat the weed problem at Disley Dam.

The treatment has been introduced between pegs 1-7 and 17-20. The chemicals will take time to settle so we would advise anglers to avoid these areas, due to a probable drop in sport for at least two weeks. There is no increased health risks for anglers.
If you have any concerns please contact Chris Simpson or John Ling for further information. (Contact details are in the book)