Monday, 28 July 2014

River Etherow Work Party

Here's a good chance to get a Work Party stamp, giving yourself access to the Club's latest venue for the remainder of the year, a discount in next years membership fee and a bit of exercise and feel good factor

Work Party Wednesday, 13th August 6pm.
Clearing Pegs
General maintenance

It helps us a lot if you let us know that you are coming so we can plan equipment and jobs. Numbers are in the club book.

Monday, 21 July 2014

River Etherow - New water

Disley & New Mills have acquired a stretch of the River Etherow.
The details to fish the river will be available in the Club Book from January but until then the water is available under the following rules.
  • Fishing is from the right hand bank only. (When looking in a downstream direction)
  • Directions to the river are available on the forum or by asking at Simpsons Tackle Whaley Bridge (check that Chris, the Club Secretary, is in before visiting!) or by speaking to one of the Committee Members at one of the Club Meetings.
  • Fishing is only available for 2014 for those with a valid work party pass or those who are exempt.
  • No Junior Members unless fishing the same peg as an Adult Member or Non Fishing Member.
  • Night fishing is available with a night syndicate stamp, we would advise not to fish alone at night on the river. Two rods maximum
  • At the moment this is a coarse only fishery, although the river holds numbers of trout and grayling until further notice there is no fly fishing or wading allowed on this stretch.
  • Unlike the Goyt and Sett legering is allowed, but no fixed leads.
  • Anyone fishing for barbel must have an adequate landing net and an unhooking mat.
  • No keepnets are allowed.
  • As with all our waters barbless hooks only.
  • The banks can be steep please take care.
The water contains trout, grayling, chub and barbel plus possibly other coarse fish – let us know what you catch!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Watford Lodge Match 10th July

The conditions were good and the fishing wasn't disappointing.

Everybody caught plenty of fish but the two stand out weights were Darren Blaydon and Ben Fowler.

Darren managed a to snatch victory with a net made up of 6 good bream all on pellet at 7m from peg 5. Ben on  fished maggot to catch a brilliant bag of smaller fish on the pole off peg 1.

1st Darren Blaydon 14lb 8oz
2nd Ben Fowler 11lb 7oz
3rd Pete Lally 5lb 13oz

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Junior math Gawsworth Hall 6th July

This match was held on the canal section of Gawsworth Hall, a venue that is currently being redeveloped.
Although this was a commercial fishery the match fishing was  particularly hard for everybody with anglers struggerling for bites throughout the day.

Ben Fowler won a tight competition fishing long pole with corn again the far bank cover to catch small F1 carp and roach.

1st Ben Fowler 3lb 7oz
2nd Aaron Harten 3lb 0oz
3rd Darius Burton 2lb 9oz

Well done to all the lads fishing it wasn't an easy day.

Also a thank you to Morrisons of Chapel for supplying the snacks and drinks

The next Junior day is Tuesday 5th August 9am draw at Watford Lodge so be sure to book on with Chris on 01663 734220

DNMAC Open Day

The DNMAC open day on Watfod Lodge, 29th June, was a great success with nearly everyboby there catching their fist fish.

Many thanks to all those who helped with this event.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lost fishing Rod - Watford Lodge

Lost Rod

3 piece about 13’ yellow f/glass with cork butt,alu fittings with a black rubber donut type butt protector. Older type wide thin ferrules. Possibly a Sealy.

Left at either peg 4 or the gate.

If anyone sees this can they get in touch with admin or Chris at Simpsons tackle so we can get this back to the owner.