Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Birch Vale - Grouse Car Park 22nd-25th August

There is no parking available from 22nd-25th August at the Grouse PH car park due to events taking place. Please park sensibly elsewhere avaoiding parking infront of the pub.

Friday, 15 August 2014

River Etherow Update

This Wednesday saw the completion of our latest addition to the club portfolio a 25+ peg stretch of the River Etherow.

A lot of work was completed on this new stretch by the 12 members who attended the latest work party. The car park is now capable of holding around 8 cars and a further 3 spaces have been made down the track behind the weir. Around 10 swims have also been opened up with easy access to some of these swims.

Brilliant work, thanks again to all who turned up.

Rules for this section are on the club notice board in the car park and we are asking all members to check on everyone’s membership status who they see fishing the river.

Feedback on this section is important as we need to get a clear understanding of what this stretch holds, how often it is fished and how it fishes.

As mentioned earlier the river is only available to working party stamp holders (or those who are exempt) until terms are fully agreed and published in next year’s club book.

The full address for the section is
River Etherow
B6104 Compstall Road

Map and rules are available in the web forum.