Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Disley Dam 28th September match results‏

Following the spring stocking on the dam earlier this year the summer's sport has been fantastic with pleasure anglers catching plenty of fish. The small carp we recently introduced, have really piled on weight and have also stirred the older resident fish into heavy feeding. Perch have been coming out by the dozen and the large bream have been showing in numbers.

With all the above in mind there was high expectations for this match but, frustratingly, it just didn't happen. Fish could be seen all over the lake but sport was exceptional hard.

The winner on the day was Matt Robinson with a single fish weighting 8lb caught on the method feeder from peg 16 on the train bank.

1st Matt Robinson 8lb
2nd Darren Blaydon 6lb

Makes you wonder if fish know when it's a Sunday???

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