Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Club Handyman & DNMAC update!

Just a quick update …..

The Club has appointed Gavin Dickinson as Club Handyman, as proposed at the AGM. He will conducting a number of jobs involved in the day to day running of the club.

You may have noticed a large hole appear in the road side wall at Watford, we’re working on getting this repaired, please avoid the area for your and public safety.

Locks – remember the locks will be changing over the New Year, the new code is in the Club Book.
Those that come to the meetings: please note that the new venue is Whaley Bridge Bowling Club. It would be nice to have a good turnout for the first meeting there!

All the best for Xmas and Happy New Year
All at DNMAC

Thursday, 10 December 2015

2016 books now available

Membership books have been printed. They are now available at Hazel Grove Angling Centre, a very limited number are available at Simpsons Tackle and will be at Edgeley Sports. Remember these shops will be operating on their winter hours so check before setting off to avoid disappointment! The books will also be available at the next club meeting. 17th Dec High Lane Con Club, which will be the last meeting before we move to Whaley Bridge Bowling Club.
These books would make a good xmas present for the angler who has (almost) everything!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Club updates

Club updates

 The December meeting will be the last meeting to be held at High Lane Conservative Club. From January meetings will be held at Whaley Bridge Bowling Club, more details in the book.

There is a position of Club Handyman available, which will pay a small honorarium. Details at the next club meeting or from John Ling or Ian Gould. Applications to be submitted by the December meeting.

John has started a thread in the forum asking members opinions about stocking for 2016 and beyond.

Darren Blaydon s running the summer evening matches for 2016. May – August (inc)

There will be no price increases for 2016.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Disley Dam Work Party 19th September

There will be a Work Party on 19th September @ Disley Dam

Work will include drainage peg and gate repairs
As well as general tidy up

 Everyone welcome!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Thanks to Daren Leyden

Thanks to Daren Leyden for his work clearing up around Watford. :-)

Friday, 24 July 2015


Can we make sure that after members go through locked gates they randomise the combination lock. These locks are expensive and most have been found to be just one number off the current code!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Linnets Clough Temporary Closure

On Sat 11th July Linnets Clough will be closed from 08.30 until 22:00 hrs.

All pegs should be vacated by 08:30

We are digging out silt traps at the top end of the lake, trimming pegs and installing steps to some swims. Additionally we are hoping to make improvements to fencing, gates and styles to improve access.

There will be a quad transporting materials between pegs and use of other machinery and therefore the water will be closed to safeguard the health of members.

Thank you for your understanding, additional work parties will be organised later in the year for anyone needing a stamp, pm me if you wish to be contacted.



Sunday, 24 May 2015

Watford Lodge 14th May result

Perch & tench made up most of the weights in the first of this years matches with Steve Rowe top rod with &lb 12oz

Steve Rowe 7lb 12oz
Pete Lally 7lb -6oz
D Bladen 5lb

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

DNMAC Matches

Watford Lodge is strimmed and tidy (thanks to Ben & Graham) and ready for the first eveining match of the year this Thursday.

DNMAC Matches* further information S Rowe 07704 342968
Evening Match Thursday 14th May 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Watford Lodge
Evening Match Thursday May 28th 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Watford Lodge
Evening Match Thursday 11th June 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Disley Dam
Evening Match Thursday 25th June 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Disley Dam
Evening Match Tuesday 9th July 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Strines
Evening Match Thursday 23rd July 6:00pm (draw) - dusk Strines
Saturday Match Thursday 10th October TBC Fur & Feather, Border Fisheries

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Linnet Clough Parking

Linnet Clough Parking

It clearly says in the club book where to park when fishing this venue. It also says read the book before fishing. Anglers have been told many times NOT to park in front of the gates near the first field. However we have again had complaints about anglers parking near/blocking the gate.

We will be raising the subject at the next committee meeting and rather than risk straining relations with the locals I will be recommending that anyone found parking down by the gates will no longer be allowed to fish this water. Others may argue that they should be removed from the club altogether!

Sorry to come over all big brother-ish we are a club of few rules and want to keep it that way BUT will not have a  good venue enjoyed by many, spoilt by a few anglers who, for want of a better word – cant be arsed!


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Disley Work Party 25th April

There will be a work party on Disley Dam
Saturday the 25th of April @ 09:00am

Planned work will be to repair pegs, improve drainage and trim back any overhanging  trees.

hope to see you there


Monday, 30 March 2015

Linnets Clough WP 29/03/15

The first work party of the year on Linnets Clough was held today, 6 brave members attended in the pouring rain and put in a great shift to help get the venue back into shape following a long bleak winter.

In total 10 bin bags full, mainly of plastic bottles and tin cans, were collected as well as various items of discarded tackle that was found amongst the shrubbery including a full bed chair! It's really disappointing to see such a large amount of litter, most of which was found along the Dam wall which is directly next to the public footpath and reflects badly on the club. May I remind members to actively check membership cards and report any problems to a club official, it would be a shame to lose waters because of litter especially if those leaving the mess weren't even members!

As the venue has seen more anglers on the bank recently we have opened up 4 additional areas to fish.  These are strictly for close range fishing (stalking) with a single rod but will provide good sport and access to likely feeding areas particularly during the warmer months and will be useful when the venue is busy.

Forthcoming work
The far end of the lake has seen considerable silt build up and has become very shallow, during the periods of heavy rain today the silt being washed into the lake was unbelievable and we need to make this out number one priority for the next work party.  All those who attended today are keen to help resolve this but we desperately need more bodies up there at the next work party so If you can help at all please get in touch with myself (Martin) or Ant (numbers in the membership book) and we will contact you with a date.  The silt traps are already in place but need digging out and the edges lining, the more people attend the easier this will be to achieve*.

*Secretaries Note:- Without the good work at all or our venues by Club Members and organisers such as Martin and Ant we, DNMAC, would have to pay for contractors to complete work such as cleaning/replacing the silt traps. This would cost as considerable amount of money and would affect our restocking and development plans and significantly increase membership costs. If you can attend work parties please help and get in touch.