Monday, 30 March 2015

Linnets Clough WP 29/03/15

The first work party of the year on Linnets Clough was held today, 6 brave members attended in the pouring rain and put in a great shift to help get the venue back into shape following a long bleak winter.

In total 10 bin bags full, mainly of plastic bottles and tin cans, were collected as well as various items of discarded tackle that was found amongst the shrubbery including a full bed chair! It's really disappointing to see such a large amount of litter, most of which was found along the Dam wall which is directly next to the public footpath and reflects badly on the club. May I remind members to actively check membership cards and report any problems to a club official, it would be a shame to lose waters because of litter especially if those leaving the mess weren't even members!

As the venue has seen more anglers on the bank recently we have opened up 4 additional areas to fish.  These are strictly for close range fishing (stalking) with a single rod but will provide good sport and access to likely feeding areas particularly during the warmer months and will be useful when the venue is busy.

Forthcoming work
The far end of the lake has seen considerable silt build up and has become very shallow, during the periods of heavy rain today the silt being washed into the lake was unbelievable and we need to make this out number one priority for the next work party.  All those who attended today are keen to help resolve this but we desperately need more bodies up there at the next work party so If you can help at all please get in touch with myself (Martin) or Ant (numbers in the membership book) and we will contact you with a date.  The silt traps are already in place but need digging out and the edges lining, the more people attend the easier this will be to achieve*.

*Secretaries Note:- Without the good work at all or our venues by Club Members and organisers such as Martin and Ant we, DNMAC, would have to pay for contractors to complete work such as cleaning/replacing the silt traps. This would cost as considerable amount of money and would affect our restocking and development plans and significantly increase membership costs. If you can attend work parties please help and get in touch.

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