Sunday, 10 May 2015

Linnet Clough Parking

Linnet Clough Parking

It clearly says in the club book where to park when fishing this venue. It also says read the book before fishing. Anglers have been told many times NOT to park in front of the gates near the first field. However we have again had complaints about anglers parking near/blocking the gate.

We will be raising the subject at the next committee meeting and rather than risk straining relations with the locals I will be recommending that anyone found parking down by the gates will no longer be allowed to fish this water. Others may argue that they should be removed from the club altogether!

Sorry to come over all big brother-ish we are a club of few rules and want to keep it that way BUT will not have a  good venue enjoyed by many, spoilt by a few anglers who, for want of a better word – cant be arsed!


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